Bethel United Methodist Church
Monday, May 20, 2024

Prayer Requests

We believe that prayer is a special privilege that God has granted to every person through His Son Jesus Christ. No matter is too large for God not to be able to solve. Likewise, no matter is too small for our gracious and loving heavenly Father not to hear. Jesus taught us that not even a small sparrow falls from the sky that the heavenly Father does not take notice of it, and then He asked those who were listening to Him, "Are you not of more value than they?" We want you to believe that with all your heart because you certainly are! For God to love you enough to send His only Son to the Cross for you, certainly He would hear you when you pray to Him.

With this in mind, we encourage you to exercise your privilege of praying to your Creator-God. Share with us your prayer requests either by email or by contacting our church office at 864-963-5072. Someone is in the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30 until 12:30 on those days. Feel free to contact the pastor via the church email address: Our pastor's name is Danny Chamblee.

The Bethel Prayer Garden